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Gold Testing Solutions

4x12 Ultimate Testing Stone

Price: $21.99 Price: $14.99 Price: $24.99
1 (ONE) GENUINE PuriTEST™ 6 Pack Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry Testing Kit with 2x2" Genuine PuriTEST™ Test Stone and 1 (ONE) Genuine PuriTEST™ 10x Magnifier Eye Loupe for Diamonds Gems Gemstones Gold Silver & Platinum. This kit includes 1 bottle of PuriTEST™ 10K Acid solution, 1 bottle of PuriTEST™ 14K Acid solution, 1 bottle of PuriTEST™ 18K Acid Solution, 1 bottle of PuriTEST™ 22K Acid Solution, 1 bottle of PuriTEST™ Silver Acid Solution, 1 bottle of PuriTEST™ Platinum Acid Solution, 1- 2x2 PuriTEST™ test stone, and 1-PuriTEST™ 10X Eye Loupe. PREMIUM $35+ Value Jewelry Testing Kit. Includes EVERYTHING needed to test 10K 14K 18K Gold which includes: 1 JSP™ 3 PACK 10K 14K 18K GOLD TESTING SOLUTIONS & 1 PuriTEST 2x2 Premium Pro Testing Stone. Quantity: 1 (ONE) Genuine PuriTEST™ Large PRO Quality 4 x 12" Jewelry Testing Test Stone. Retails on Amazon and in stores for $29.95 + shipping!! Large Genuine PuriTEST™ precious metal testing stone to be used with testing solutions to test the purity of precious metals such as gold, silver, & platinum.
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Melting Furnance



Price: $799.99    
Designed for handheld pouring directly from the crucible Melt 
Aluminum, Gold, Lead, Silver, Sterling Silver, Tin & Zinc Temperature range is from 0 Degrees Fahrenheit to 2012 Degrees Fahrenheit (1100 Degrees Celsius) all Digitally controlled by you. It takes 10-15 Minutes to first warm up depending on the metal your melting and 10-15 minutes to fully melt your metal depending on the form of material. This furnace comes standard with euro 2 prong 220v plug.    
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