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Premium Jewelry Testing Kit

Digital Calipers

Bullion Bar Test Kit

Price: $79.99 Price: $19.99 Price: $59.99
This includes a 6 PACK GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM TESTING SOLUTIONS, PuriTEST™ 4x12 PREMIUM PRO TESTING STONE, PuriTEST™ 100pcs of 5/16x3/4" White String Jewelry Price Tags, DigiWeigh™ DW-100AX 100x0.01g DIGITAL JEWELRY SCALE, CULTI™Diamond Tester Selector II, Silver 600g Calibration Weight, 10-Pack Metal Jewelry File Set, 5 Grain .999 Fine Solid Silver Bullion Bar, 5 Gram Gold Plated Testing Bar & 20X Magnifying Glass with LED Light This professional set of Digital Calipers (also known as Vernier or Micrometer) comes with coin cell battery and includes a FREE SPARE and a FREE hardened PLASTIC CASE with foam lining for protection when not in use. It also comprises a small locking thumbscrew, which locks the jaws in place, an easy to read large LCD display and a handy conversion chart at the back. Made of hardened stainless steel, it is an ideal tool for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications. This is everything you need to determine if your gold, silver, or platinum is real or fake! Simple 3-Step Testing Instructions Included! Bottles are less than two weeks old and come sealed. Each 0.5 Ounce Bottle contains enough acid for hundreds of tests & includes 6 bottles such as: 1 Single Bottle of 10k Gold Testing Solution, 1 Single Bottle of 14k Gold Testing Solution, 1 Single Bottle of 18k Gold Testing Solution, 1 Single Bottle of 22k Gold Testing Solution, 1 Single Bottle of Silver Testing Solution & 1 Single Bottle of Platinum Testing Solution.
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Gold, Silver, Diamond Test Kit

DIamond File Needle Set

Gold, Silver, Platinum Tester

Price: $39.99 Price: $11.99 Price: $17.99
Includes EVERYTHING needed to test Diamonds, Gold, Silver & Platinum! This kit includes 1 CULTI Diamond Tester Selector II, 1 JSP 6 Pack Gold, Silver & Platinum Testing Solutions, 1 PuriTEST 2x2 Premium Pro Testing Stone, 1 PuriTEST 10x Magnfying Eye Loupe, 1 Jewlery File 10-Pack Set, 1 Solid Silver 5 grain .999 Fine Bar, 1 PuriTEST 5 Gram Gold Plated Testing Bar. Quantity 1: 10-Pack Metal Jewelry File Set - $10 Retail Value! Essential for testing jewelry! Can be used to scrap away outside of piece to ensure that the piece is solid. PREMIUM $+44 Value Jewelry Testing Kit. Includes EVERYTHING needed to test Gold, Silver & Platinum such as: 1 JSP 6 Pack Gold (10K,14K,18K,22K), Silver & Platinum Testing Solutions & 1 PuriTEST 2x2 "Ulta White" Premium Pro Testing Stone.
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